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Depends on the state law, most states do not allow big trucks in the left lanes of 3 lane or more highways at 65mph or higher.

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Q: Is there a certain lane 18 wheelers are supposed to drive in?
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How many miles is it from monterrey Mexico to nuevo Laredo Mexico?

About 150 miles. If you are going to drive, use the toll road. Free road is a one lane each way, crowded with 18 wheelers

Why do some people who drive a car stay in the left lane?

The left lane is supposed to be the fast lane. If you want to drive faster, then use the left lane. Traditionally it is ment to be the passing lane. If you want to pass someone driving slowly in the right lane, then pass them using the left lane, and get back over to the right lane until you need to pass someone else. However, you should not sit in the left lane driving slowly. It is ment to be a passing lane and if you sit out in the left lane, it will make others unhappy! I hope this helped!

In which lane was the Great Fire of London supposed to have started?

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Can you legally drive in the left lane in Florida?

On a four lane road you may drive in the left lane if you are passing a car in the right lane or, if you are moving at the prevailing speed of other traffic in that lane.

When driving in the city your should always drive in what lane?

Drive in the lane with the least amount of congestion.

How many feet can you drive your vehicle into the bike lane?

you are not allowed to drive in the bike lane at all

What lane do you drive in on a multi-lane city or street?

right lane

Which lane should a driver always chose?

The right lane is the lane to always drive in. The left lane is to be used for a passing lane.

What is a lane?

it is where you drive in the highway

Does the law require you drive in the right lane if no cars are in the left lane?

Yes, you must drive in the right lane if there are no vehicles in the right lane according to RSMo 304.015 charge code 4722705.0. The left lane is for passing only.

Do you drive scooters in the center of a lane or on the right side of a lane?


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