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I purchused a new vehical in 2005. I have been trying to get the car dealership to take back the truck. This there a 72 hour return in Indiana?

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Q: Is there a 72 hr return on new vehicles in Indiana?
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Does the 72 hour return law apply to motorcycles in Michigan?

No, the three business day (72-hours) "cooling off" return regulation does not apply to motor vehicles of any type.

Can you return a new car within 72 hours in Colorado if not satisfied?

can you return a used car to dealer within 72 hrs in colorado?

Does New Jersey have a 72 hour return policy on used cars?

There is no mandatory return policy for used cars in New Jersey.

In Georgia can you return your brand new car in the first 72 hours and get a different one from the same dealership?

I would call the dealership and see if they could work something out with you. * No, not unless the dealership is agreeable as the 72 hour "cooling off" period law does not apply to vehicles.

How many tornadoes were there in Indiana in 2011?

There were 72 tornadoes in Indiana in 2011.

Can you return a car and have your money refunded within 72 hours of the sale in Michigan?

No. The 3 business day "cooling off" period does not apply to vehicles.

In Louisiana can you return a used car within 3 days of the purchase?

No, the 72 hour (3-day) "cooling off" law does not apply to vehicles.

Does Oregon have a 72 hour return policy on used vehicles?

No, it is a myth that the cooling off period or buyers remorse law applies to the purchase of any vehicle in any state. It does not. Once you buy a vehicle you own it. The only way you can return it is if the seller agrees to take it back or if it is a new car and qualifies under your state's lemon law.

Who won Arkansas vs Indiana in the ncaa division 1 tournament?

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Can you return a new vehicle within 72 hours in Virginia?

No, you cannot return a vehicle you have purchased. The buyer's remorse or cooling off period laws do not apply to the purchase of a vehicle.

What are the consumer laws pertaining to the return of a new car?

Such issues would be determined by the lending contract and the consumer laws of the state of residency. If the vehicle is defective then state lemon laws might apply. The federal law referred to as the "72 hour cooling off" period does not apply to vehicles.

What NY law allows a new auto return to dealer within 72 hours due to bate switch tactics?

A lemon law claim in NYÊallows car buyers to return a new auto to a dealer within 72 hours due to a bait and switch. It is difficult to return a car once a contract has been signed, but if the car is not performing as described by the dealershipÊit could be returned with some effort.Ê