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Who is Dave Robinson married to drummer of The Cars

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Q: Is the cars rock group drummer david Robinson married?
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Drummer for the group the Who?

Keith Moon

Did smokey Robinson ever marry?

TWICE . His first wife was Claudette Rogers-Robinson , who was also a member of his group , THE MIRACLES. They divorced in 1987, after 28 years of marriage. His second and current wife is Francis Robinson.

Who is in Bon Jovis group?

Jon Bon Jovi (singer, guitar) Richie Sambora (lead guitar) Tico Torres (drummer) David Bryan (keyboards)

When was Hogg Robinson Group created?

Hogg Robinson Group was created in 1845.

Who Is Hillary Scott Married to?

Hillary Scott, the lead singer of the country music group Lady A, is married to drummer Chris Tyrrell. The couple got married in 2012 and have three children together.

Which group's drummer lost an arm in a car accident?

Rick Allen drummer for Def Leppard

Was there ever a drummer with the last name TORRES ever with the group?

Tico Torres is the drummer in Bon Jovi

Is Donna Groom who is a member of the Skyliners singing group married?

Donna is MarriedDonna Groom of the Skyliners IS MARRIED. She is married to the Skyliners drummer, Mark Groom. Both are very fine and talented people. Check their web site for showcases.

Who was the drummer for the music group The Band?

Levon Helm who was replaced by Mickey Jones -- who was later re-replaced by original drummer Helm.

Who is the drummer for Mushroomhead?

Skinny the founder of mushroomhead who created the band in 1993 also named himself the drummer for the five person group

What group was smokey Robinson with?

The Miracles

Who were the members of the musical group change?

Paolo Gianollo, David Romani, Luther Vandross sang on a couple of early songs, later lead vocals by James Robinson and Deborah Cooper, Rick Gallway also in group