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It's really situation dependent.

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Q: Is speeding up to pass a unsafe or reasonable action?
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Do you pull into next lane to pass police car on the side of the road?

Unless it is unsafe to do so, moving away from the police car is always the proper action.

When passing another vehicle you can exceed the posted speed limit?

No. Speeding is speeding. If they are not going slow enough for you to pass them without exceeding the speed limit, then don't pass them.

What does it mean when you pass the car ahead of you?

when u pass the car in front of you, it means yoiu are speeding no one sits on the speed limit so you are just speeding more than the car you passed

What is cheap and low tech and used to reduce speeding fatalities in California?

A bus pass

Is pass an action verb or a linking verb?

An action verb

What causes hard downshift when speeding up to pass?

It's called passing gear. It is normal.

Do you get the Liberty Pass from an action replay?

only if u have it on your action replay

Is it unsafe to have a cat or a dog lick you?

No it is not unsafe it probably means they like you, but after touching a cat or a dog or a cat or a dog touching you, you should always wash your hands just incase you pass germs on.

If you forget to hook up the ground wire on an a c unit will it work?

Yes, but it will not pass a code inspection and is unsafe.

Is the word pass an action verb?


How does an action potential pass along a nerve?


I got a speeding ticket at 85 in a 65 but I was on a one-lane highway and was passing a car Do I have a case against this ticket Since you have to speed to pass a car?

Nope. If you had to speed in order to pass, you didn't need to pass.

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