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No. Do not use in your car. It is for use in some lawn mowers and aircompressor motors.

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( No ) vehicle engines use an oil with detergent

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Q: Is sae 30 non-detergent oil the same as motor oil for a car?
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What oil goes to John Deere gator utility car?

the same as a car or fourwheeler.. as long as it lubes the inside of the motor

What motor oil is best regular or synthetic?

The best motor oil for you car depends on the car. Many old cars can only handle regular motor oil.

Can you use nondetergent oil in a ride on lawn mower with a Briggs and Stratton engine?

No, absolutely not. Use SAE 10w30 high detergent oil. Non-detergent oil will destroy the engine.

Car Motor Oil ?

form_title= Car Motor Oil form_header= Know your car is in good shape when you change your oil. When was your oil last changed?*= _ [50] How often do you change your oil?*= _ [50] What oil do you use? *= _ [50]

Why did my car die after the oil light came on?

When you run your car low on oil you increase the instance of burning your motor. If your motor burned out your car won't work.

How is oil good for you?

Olive oil is good for you. Motor oil is good for your car.

Does the car have to be running to add motor oil?

NO !

Is engine oil and motor oil the same?

Yes, they are the same. Some people call an automobile engine a motor and some people call it an engine. It is actually an engine and a motor is a electrical device. But motor oil and engine oil for all practical purposes are the same thing.

1969 dart had 340 now 318 in car used 340 motor mounts when i switched used oil pan that was on 318 the center link is rubbing oil pan what is my problem motor mounts or oil pan?

the motor mounts should be the same, as the 318 is the same block as the 340, the only thing I can think of is the oil pan was different on the 340.

When you check oil in car is that transmission oil?

You can check the motor oil or the transmission fluid.

If a car runs without oil what will be happened?

a motor can not run with out oil, the motor will seize up and can break parts

Where is the drain plug for your 2005 aveo?

Motor oil drain plug is on the bottom of the oil pan. Oil pan is on bottom of motor. Bottom of motor is under car.