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If your brakes are good and you know how to drive, sure. There was a time when there were no engine or exhaust retarders, and drivers simply had to gear down and take it nice and easy down a grade.

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Q: Is it safe to drive a heavy goods vehicle without a retarder?
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How old does one have to be to drive?

In the UK you have to be 17 to be able to drive a car on the road. At 21 you can drive a goods vehicle. At 16 you can drive a moped.

How old do have to be to drive in the United Kingdom?

16 for a motor bike, 17 for a car and 21 for a large goods vehicle or bus.

Whether mobile cranes are heavy goods vehicles?

Yes- Crane truck or mobile crane or truck-mounted crane are listed under Large goods vehicle (formally known as Heavy goods vehicle)

What is the purpose of getting a tare weight on a vehicle?

The purpose of getting a tare weight on a vehicle is to measure the weight of the goods in the vehicle. The tare weight is the weight of the empty vehicle so it is simply subtracted from the total weight to find the weight of the goods inside.

What does HGV stand for as an abbreviation?

Heavy goods vehicle

A large vehicle used for transporting goods?

a truck

What do the initials HGV stand for?

Heavy Goods Vehicle.

What do you call a vehicle without wheels to transport goods or people across snow?

You might be referring to the Hägglund. It is a cross-country tracked vehicle with a detached, articulated cab that allows the vehicle to cross snow and ice terrain and haul passengers and gear. Also, it floats, just in case.

What age do you have to be to drive in England if born in 1995?

The minimum age to ride a motor cycle on a public road is 16. To drive a car, it's 17 and to drive a large goods vehicle, it's 21. You can ride up to 50cc moped at 16. Any engine size above this is classed as motorcycle for which you must be 17.

What is a vehicle carrying dangerous goods marked with?

DOT HazMat Placards.

Which goods are zero rated?

without vat tax goods are called zero rated

Is the bus an hgv vehicle?

No it does not hold any "goods" its a large passenger veichle