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Yes, it is possible to purchase an Enterprise car. All you need to do is go to one of the companies main locations and talk to a representative about your interest in buying. You can even ask for specific colors of cars, etc. and if they do not have the car at the site you are at they will ship the car to the site when you make a confirming deposit.

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Q: Is it possible to purchase an enterprise car?
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Where can a person purchase car rentals online?

A person can purchase car rentals online in websites such as RentalCars, LowFares, TripBase, CarRentals, Expedia, Enterprise, Budget, Thrifty or PaylessCar

What car rental company did enterprise recently merge with?

Enterprise Rent-a-Car agreed to purchase Vanguard Car Rental (parent of National Car Rental) on March 30, 2007. See Reuter's article

How can one purchase former car rental cars from Enterprise?

One can purchase former car rental cars from Enterprise by attending a car auction. At these types of auctions, cars are often sold at a reduced price primarily so their previous owners can recoup some or most of the Kelley Blue Book suggested selling price.

Where is it possible to buy Enterprise Suite?

You can purchase Enterprise Suite from the Symantic website, or it can be purchased in a store that sells software. Some stores where it is sometimes carried are Best Buy and Office Depot.

Where is an Enterprise Rent a Car near the Indianapolis Airport?

There is an Enterprise Rent-a-Car near the Indianapolis Airport. The Enterprise rent a car has an on-site office at the Indianapolis International Airport.

Where can one purchase an auto with a credit card?

One may purchase an auto with a credit card from a used car dealership such as Enterprise Car Sales. It should be noted that a credit limit will impact the purchase. Therefore, mostly used cars for lower values will be meet the requirements to make a full purchase. For a new car, a down payment or financing will have to be used.

Where can I purchase research cheap car rentals online?

Online places to search are: enterprise, Budget, Thrifty, hertz,,, Aero Rent-A-Car,,,

Just looking for car insurance i can get for a rental vehicle for 2 weeks?

You can purchase car rental insurance from the car rental shop. Places like Enterprise and Budget rental car allow you to buy their insurance while you have their vehicle.

What to you need to get from the person that you buy the car from?

When you purchase a car you should get the history of the car, as well as the title. If it is possible, you should try to get a warranty.

Where can one hire a car in Boston?

At RentalCars, you can select a city and they provide you with one. Avis Car Rental is another possible alternative. Enterprise and Expedia works just as well.

Where is it possible to purchase an R34 car?

It is possible to purchase an R34 car in Japan. The most common type people are looking to buy is the Skyline, it is possible to have it shipped over to North America, you would just have to pay extra to have it altered to fit the local guidelines to make it legal.

Enterprise car rental hours of operation 33196?

hours of operation for enterprise car rental in woodland hills ca