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Don't know what kind of vehicle you have but a thermostat housing and the clutch are not connected in any way. Need more info.

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Q: Is it possible that the mechanic who replaced my clutch cracked the thermostat housing accidentally?
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Why have i no heating in my fiesta 1993 model?

Typically, a heater failure in any car is the result of a bad thermostat. This is usually easily replaced (check a Chilton's manual for your model vehicle before you pay to take it to a mechanic). If the thermostat has been replaced and the problem persists, it could be a blocked heater core, which will require the assistance of a mechanic.

What is the function of the Thermostat?

the thermostat is a water/coolant flow regulator using pressure or heat from the water/coolant to open itself and let water circulate. when the thermostat gets stuck (won't open/close normally), the car's engine will overheat, usually will get replaced (if you go to a certified mechanic) or will be removed and not replaced (if you go to an uncertified McGiber type mechanic), although this does not affect your car in a negative way.

Radiator just replaced on 94 Toyota Paseo temp still rises Is it the Thermostat?

It's very possible.

The temp sensor has been replaced on my 2002 Impala I was also told that the thermostat needs to be replaced The temp gauge needle stays at around 145 is that normal or should it be reading a higher t?

Go to a reliable mechanic and get an accurate temperature reading from thier computer. Check that off from your engine gauge and compair. If its running around 145, try an replace your thermostat with a new one. Its possible its stuck open. If you can find one around 180 go for that.

How do you know if your car needs a new thermostat?

If your radiator isnt leaking and car is having a over heating problem and coolant spewing out. Chances are your thermostat needs replaced. possible the radiator needs to be flushed. But more likley its thermostat

What does the red light on the water gauge mean on a 2004 Land Rover Discovery?

The red light is for the water temp in the engine. get a mechanic to check the thermostat for u it might need replaced

Can you replace catalytic converter on 1998 dodge durango?

Yes, as a mechanic at a Dodge dealer I have replaced a few of them.Yes, as a mechanic at a Dodge dealer I have replaced a few of them.

Why would a van overheat after changing the thermostat and water pump?

Assuming it did not overheat before you replaced thermostat and water pump you may have installed the thermostat backwards. It is also possible the cooling system wasn't refilled properly and was air bound.

On a 2001 ford ranger the thermostat will not open?

The thermostat is done it has to be replaced.......

Where is the location of the thermostat on a 2003 venture?

I replaced a 2003 Chevy Venture thermostat once before. It is buried on the top right side of the engine under the throttle assembly. You can see the thermostat cover by following the 2 inch black tube from the top of the radiator to it. It is easy to replace one you remove the throttle assembly which is very difficult to do, especially if you are not familiar with engine repairs. This is not a four screws and your done job. Take it to a mechanic if you are unsure. Luckily, I had a mechanic who helped me when I did it!

How can I fix a 1996 Subaru Legacy Outback with overheating issues Radiator replaced 4 months ago thermostat replaced 3 times Mechanic has ruled out blown head gasket and faulty water pump?

Same problem turned out to be a hair line fracture to the head!

1995 Chevy astro overheating after water pump and thermostat replaced?

brilliant, the thermostat is backwards