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It is ok to leave your hubs locked in depending on how far you want to go. I myself live on a mountainside and normally leave mine locked in when I stay near home going to town or something like that. When I hit any amounts of interstate I make it a rule of thumb that when I hit interstate the hubs are unlocked. It will decrease you fuel mileage I have noticed as well. You will be OK leaving it locked in around home but not all the time.

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Q: Is it okay to leave hubs on the 4wheel drive in lock position all the time?
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Should i just leave my front hubs locked or should i unlock them and will it stay in fourwheel if i leave them locked?

If 4-wheel drive is not needed, you should unlock the front hubs. Yes, the hubs remain locked even if your front transfer case is not set to 4-wheel drive, and this can be very hard on both the hubs and transfer case.

Can you tow a 1985 four wheel drive Isuzu trooper 4-speed behind the motor home?

Yes. You would need to leave both the transmission and the transfer case in neutral, and leave the hubs unlocked if you have manual locking hubs.

Do you have to unlock the manual hubs on a 2006 f 250 super duty that has a 2-4 wheel drive selecter switch on the dash?

Your hubs should have a "Locked" and an "Auto" setting. Under normal conditions, you should run in auto. Then if you need 4-wheel drive, flip the switch. Should the switch ever malfunction or go out, you have to manually lock and unlock (auto position) the hubs.

How do you engaging the 4 wheel drive on a 94 explorer?

If you have locking hubs, set them to lock position, put tranny in neatral,, then push 4X4 button on dash then back into drive,, and away ya go,,,,,

Is it okay to leave hubs in lock position at all time?

No, leaving the hubs locked will cause both front tires to spin at the same rate. When going around corners (on dry pavement), the inside tire is supposed to turn at a slower rate than the outside tire. If the hubs are left locked, you will destroy the axle.

Why won't the 4 wheel drive engage on your 98 KIA Sportage?

the vacuume lines and hubs are damaged. chenge the hubs over to Warn style hubs. Look on the net for info on warn hubs.

1988 f-150 4x4 manuel shift transfer case with manuel lock out hubs drive in 2 wheel with the transfer case acting like it in 4 wheel with the hubs in the free position?

This really requires a test drive to start with. But a couple things to check: in 2 wd and hubs in "un-locked" position crawl underneath and see if the front drive shaft will turn, If it does not shake it and see if you can tell if the transfer case is locked in. Next see if you can get the outer Knuckle U-joints to turn, if they both turn easily then the hubs a not jammed in the lock position internally. If one turns and the drive shaft turns with it then the other hub is jammed. Finally bad outer Knuckle "U" joints will cause the normal 4 wheel drive steering shake and drag feeling when turning. Take a pry bar and see if they show slop when wiggled.

How do you disengage a kia 2002 out of four wheel drive?

if the hubs are working properly all u do is shift transfer case back to 2WD if hubs are not releasing you will have to check the hubs best idea change the auto hubs for warn manual locking hubs

How do you turn off 1990 ford Bronco II 4 wheel drive no hubs?

If they are the automatic hubs, drive in reverse for about 10 ft. Tranafer case has to be in 2HI(4x4 off).

What keeps the hubs locked in 4 wheel drive?

i believe its a automatic friction lock if u don't have manual locking hubs

Do front axle hubs on a 1984 Chevy C70 have grease or oil in them?

4x4 hubs will have oil.2 wheel drive will have grease

Can you drive a 1986 Toyota 4Runner with hubs in lock position but not engaged in 4x4 mode?

Yes you can. Its actually good to do so once in a while to keep the hubs lubricated. 10 or 20 miles every few months should do the trick. I used mine for offroading, and I would simply lock in the hubs at the start of a trail and just engage the 4x4 when I needed it.