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It is always okay to switch between regular and premium gasoline. With that said, it depends highly on the make of your engine whether or not your car will actually benefit at all from the use of premium gasoline. Make sure to look in your car's manual before you switch to see if your car can benefit for from the switch.

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Q: Is it ok to switch from regular to premium gas?
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Should you use regular or premium gas for a Chrysler 300?

i am guessing you should use premium gas for a Chrysler 300. Regular is ok unless you have a SRT8.

Is it ok to mix regular grade gas with premium grade gas?

Yeah it shouldnt hurt anything

Is it ok to put premium gas on 2000 expedition?

Yes, all gas powered motors can burn premium. Some engines don't run well on regular.

Can you switch from premium to regular gasoline?

Yes. Any vehicle that can run premium gasoline can run on regular. With that said, if your engine is such that it can benefit from premium gasoline, it will lose some of its performance.Sure. All cars are designed to run on the lowest grade. only use the others if you really need extra Octane (engine knock)if your car requires premium gas, then that' what it needs. If you try to run it on regular it might start to knock, spike and run poorly. This may even damage the engine.If you really feel the urge to experiment, you can put some regular gas in and see what happens.Start with 1/4 of regular and 3/4 of premium.If it runs OK on that, even on hard acceleration, try 1/2 premium, 1/2 regular.If it runs OK on that, even on hard acceleration, try 1/4 of premium and 3/4 of regular.If it runs OK on that, even on hard acceleration, try all regular.

Does the 2008 mazda3 take regular gas or premium?

Try regular 87 Octane - if it does not "ping" excessively you should be OK - if it does "ping" excessively try 89 octane

What happens if you put in premium gas in a dodge stratus 03?

Premium is ok

What happens if you put wrong type of gas in your car i accidentally put regular umleaded gas instead of premium gas?

you will be ok MIGHT notice a very s;ight decrease in performance

Can you use regular gas instead of premium in a Mercedes ml350?

For a real answer check out this Their answer is a qualified yes, it is OK to use regular in modern cars. But read the all the details in the link above.

Is it OK to use premium gas in small engines?

Most small engines are designed to run on regular unleaded gasoline; the higher octane premium gasoline may eventually be harmful to the engine.

Can regular gas be used in an aurora Oldsmobile?

I run standard gas in my 1995 4.0 and it runs fine. If you notice a pinging noise upon hard acceleration go back to premium. But you should be ok.

Is it ok to put premium gas into a 1994 Nissan Maxima?

yes its ok to run premium in it but when i ran it really didnt see any difference

Is it ok to put premium in a 2006 dodge charger?

Unless it calls for premium gas in your owners manual your wasting your money using premium.