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Q: Is it legal to keep your trailer hitch attached to your truck when not pulling a trailer in Washington state?
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Is it legal to keep your trailer hitch attached to your truck when your not pulling a trailer in New Jersey?

Is it legal to keep your trailer hitch attached to your truck when your not pulling a trailer in New jersey?

Can you have a trailer hitch attached to a Honda Civic?

Yes. All the major manufacturers make a hitch for the Civic, including Hidden Hitch and Curt Mfg.

What is the best way to hitch a trailor to a truck?

A permanently installed trailer hitch attached to the frame would be the best if you are using a trailer regularly. There are temporary hitches available if the trailer is a very occasional or one time use.

How should a trailer's safety chains be attached to the towing vehicle?

Your hitch should have slots designated for the chains.

Trailer Hitches?

form_title= Trailer Hitches form_header= Add a hitch to your trailer. What is the gross weight of your trailer?*= _ What do you store on the trailer?*= _ Do you want a removable hitch?*= () Yes () No

How do you tow a ring hitch trailer with a ball hitch?

That Is called A Pintle Hitch.

Can a trailer hitch be attached to a 98 Subaru Outback?

Yes, Reese Hitch lists a CLASS 2 hitch Part # 06020. The fram has to be drilled and there may need to be some modification to the muffler/tail pipe heat shield.

You have the trailer hitch on the truck what else do you need?

a trailer

Can you add a trailer hitch to a 2005 Ford E150 cargo van?

Yes, but not a bumper hitch. Install a undercarriage trailer receiver hitch system.

Where can someone buy a hitch for their trailer?

Someone can buy a hitch for their trailer on eBay, U haul, Auto Accessories Garage, JC Whitney, Auto Zone, E Trailer, Hitch Depot USA, The Hitch Store, and Mechanics Warehouse.

How do you unhitch a trailer?

Generally, you must first elevate the trailer via a provided crank or powered floor jack attached to the trailer. Once the hitch is slightly elevated, there is a locking arm located on the hitch, typically with a trigger release. By tripping the trigger release the locking arm can be rotated into the unlocked position and the car will usually drop free of the trailer.

What is a Reese hitch used for?

A Reese hitch is a brand of trailer hitch or trailer parts. They make all sorts of different types of trailer parts and hitches, so it would depend which part you are looking for.