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Q: Is it legal to drive right hand cars in California?
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Are right hand drive cars legal in Iowa?

Only if you know how to drive them

Is it legal to drive right hand cars in Canada?


Is it legal to drive a right side drive car in NJ?

Right hand drive cars are legal in the US. Additional mirrors to compensate for the position of the steering wheel may be required, however.

Is it legal to drive right side drive cars in Massachusetts?

Yes, right hand drive vehicles are legal in the whole of the United States. Added: Most (all) states may require that the vehicle be equipped with certain supplementary mirrors however.

Are cars in Cyprus right hand drive?

right hand drive

Are cars in France left hand drive or right hand drive?

Cars in France are left hand drive (traffic drives on the right hand side of the road)

Is left hand drive legal in the UK?

Yes you can. It can be a little difficult though, and requires some practice.

Does UK use left hand drive or right hand drive cars?

We drive on the left, so use rhd cars.

Right or left hand drive are cars in Ireland?

Yes. Yes, drivers in Ireland (North & South) drive on the left. The only difference between the two are the road signs. The signs in the Irish Republic use kilometers (metric) for distances and speed limits, while the signs in the North (UK) use miles (imperial).

How do people in California move around?

The get into their cars and drive on the free way.

Are classic cars allowed to be driven before the sun goes down?

Why on earth not? Cars are cars - if they are street-legal, the sun has nothing to do with when you can drive them.

Why do left handed drive cars turns right?