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Yes, you are considered a vigrant, try to ask a friend or relative if you can stay on the driveway, walmarts normally do not mind if they are 24 hour and you spend some money there every now and then, don't stay parked in one spot, move around frequently. Ryan m witting was here :)

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Q: Is it illegal to sleep in your car in Illinois?
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Is is illegal to sleep in your car under the age of 18 in Illinois?

no. but they'll yell at you and your parents/guardians. i do not recommend it.

Is it illegal to sleep in a car in Tennessee?

Is it illegal to sleep in a vehicle in tennessee

Is it illegal to sell a car with a cracked windshield in Illinois?

No, it is not illegal to sell a car with a cracked windshield in the state of Illinois. However, it is illegal to drive a car with a cracked windshield in almost any state.

Are Lamborghinis illegal in illinois?

Are Lamborghinis illegal in illinois

Is blackmail illegal in Illinois?

Yes, blackmail is illegal in Illinois.

In Illinois isn't it illegal if a car is repossessed with the plates still on it?

when they repossess your car it makes sense that you would get it in the mail with a notice.

What happens when an illegal driver is involved in a car accident in the state of Illinois?

He or she will get arrested and put in jail.

Is it illegal to cyber bully in Illinois?

Yes, cyber bullying is illegal in Illinois.

Is it legal in Illinois to have a car in your name and have it tagged but not have insurance?

Driving around with no insurance in any state is illegal. * No

Are pooka fish illegal in Illinois?

Yes pooka fish are illegal in Illinois actually they are illegal in the whole United States. Does that answer your question?

Are spotlights illegal in Illinois?

You are allowed to have one spot light on your vehicle in Illinois. There is no height restriction on where it can be mounted. You can not have more than 4 light on the front of the car operating at the same time.

Is it illegal to text and drive in Illinois?

They've have finally passed the law making it illegal to be texting and driving in Illinois.