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Yes, you have to be able to see out your windows.

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Q: Is it illegal to drive your car with a bag over your passenger window?
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Is it illegal to drive your car with a bag over your rear passenger window?

it depends on where you are, but in most cases it's ok as long as you have working mirrors.

Was it ev er illegal to drive barefooted in Pennsylvania?

It is illegal to drive barefooted in almost all or all States. It's been illegal to do so in PA as far back as I can remember--over 60 years.

If you have an instructional permit can you drive in your neighborhood by yourself?

No, it is illegal, you need to drive with an license driver over the age of 25.

Can a state trooper pull you over for dark window tinting without other cause?

Yes, a state trooper can pull a person over for dark window tinting without another cause. If the window tinting is illegal in the state, then they can pull you over and give you a ticket.

How dark does the tinting of windows have to be before it is considered illegal?

The tint of a window because illegal once it is over 30% any less is considered legal, but not recommended.

What is the outcome of doing 94mph on the motorway?

It is illegal to drive over 70 mph anywhere in the UK.

Is it illegal to drive without a license if you are the age of 20 and there is a person 25 and over with a license?

Yes it is

If you drive without a front bumper in a car will you get pulled over?

Almost certainly, it is illegal in most areas.

Is it illegal to drive without your driver's license on you in Minnesota?

Isn't it illegal everywhere? If you don't have you're license on you when you're driving, just don't get pulled over!

What are the rules of driving with a learners permit in Mass.?

Must have licensed driver over age 21 in passenger seat at all times Cannot drive outside Massachusetts

Is it illegal to drive after taking Dexedrine?

It's illegal to drive while intoxicated. While the laws may not specifically state that it's illegal to take Dexetrine, if you're pulled over and determined to be under the influence, it's the same as if you'd been caught driving drunk.

Why will my passenger power window in my 2004 dodge neon not go down?

I'm currently having the same issue and from what I've gathered over the past week online, it's one of two things. Either the window switch/connection is faulty OR the regulator. Mine happens to be the switch because the driver side switch for the passenger window works fine. Now my problem is if the passenger and driver switch mechanisms are interchangeable when purchasing?