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For comercial drivers it is not allowed to use "Sleeper Berth" on your log book unless there is a sleeper (bed) in the truck.

But you can drive without a bed as long as you follow the rules.

Not also that you must have an actual DOT legal sleeper in order to be able to use the Sleeper Berth line - a bed alone does not make it a DOT legal sleeper. The FMSCA website has the required specifications for a DOT legal sleeper.

Additionally, you don't want to be caught sleeping in that vehicle if you have to log your down time as Off Duty. If, for example, you're running a hotshot with a pickup, and you stop in a rest area only to find that DOT set up an inspection station there, you will get hammered if a motor carrier enforcement officer sees that you were in that vehicle while you were on the off duty line.

Now, if you're referring to just driving a cab and chassis truck, and not referring to a sleeper berth in a CMV, that's perfectly legal, so long as you meet the lighting requirements at the rear of the vehicle.

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Q: Is it illegal to drive without a bed on your truck?
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