Is it dangerous to drive at high speed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Danger to stop in a wall or some car, cause it killing you, but not fast driving.

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Q: Is it dangerous to drive at high speed?
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Is it dangerous to drive when you're high on marijuana?


Why is aviation dangerous?

Gravity, high speed and combustion.

The most dangerous aspect of a snowstorm is often the?

The most dangerous aspect of a snowstorm is often the high wind speed.

How dangerous is a tire blow out?

It can be very dangerous especially at high speed. Many accidents happen due to this very thing. Blow a tire at high speed and you may very well loose control of the vehicle.

How do you prevent the disadvantages of roadways?

we should not drive a car in a high speed

Is it dangerous to continue to drive Jeep Laredo with high oil pressure indicator?

Yes It Is

Why is it dangerous to drive while taking anthistamines?

Amphetamines are dangerous to take before and while driving. They reduce coordination and affect the ability to judge speed and distance.

What can accidentally driving in 4x4 damage?

Just normal 4x4 driving won't damage anything. If you drive for a long distance with the diff lock on though you could damage tyres and at high speed could be dangerous,

Can you legally drive 70 if that is the speed of most other cars?

You can only legally travel at or below the posted speed limit, regardless of the high rate of speed of any other vehicle. This follows what moms say to kids: "Just because your friends tell you to do something dangerous or unsafe, it doesn't mean it is okay to do."

Why does my steering wheel shake when I drive?

At low speed: Damaged or failed tire, bent wheel, damaged brake, damaged axle. Dangerous failure of a wheel bearing. At high speed generally a wheel balanace problem. While braking a bent or warped brake component.

What are speed bumps for?

Speed bumps are designed to encourage a driver to drive slowly. Taking a speed bump at a high rate of speed will most certainly damage your vehicle.

Does a posted speed limit of 55miles per hour meant that you may drive 55mph on that highway under all conditions?

No. The posted speed limit of 55 miles an hour means you can drive a maximum of 55 miles an hour when it is safe to drive at that speed. Only an idiot would drive at that speed in fog and high wind.