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I think it would be OK either way but i think it would be cheaper to go to local auto repair. you can never be sure about your local repair shop so might be safer to go to dealer service. Its entirely up to you though

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Q: Is it better to go to a dealer service or to a local auto repair shop?
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1991 GMC truck repair guide?

Chiltons or Haynes available at your local auto parts store or a service manual from the dealer

Where can I get my broken auto glass fixed quickly?

You can check with your local car dealer to see if they offer this service in a timely manner, or check with your local glass shop. You can also check at any of your local body shop repair locations.

Where to find the best home boiler repair company?

Home boiler repair companies can be located by looking in your local yellow pages. Another resource might be finding your home boiler manufacturer and then checking the internet or customer service to see if there was a local dealer close to you.

How do you turn off srs light on 2004 Honda CR-V?

Take it to your local Honda dealer for service. Something is wrong with the air bag system or the SRS light would not be on. They will reset the light after the repair. This is not a DIY repair.

Where is the IFB TV Repair Center?

According to their website, IFB does not make any TVs but they sell various brands of TVs in their stores. Service and repair of televisions that they sell can be done by the local IFB dealer or by the TV company's authorized service centers. Check your warranty for locations near you.

Where is a local place to repair a cracked windshield?

To check if there is a local repair shop that will take your car insurance you will have to talk to your insurance provider and get a list of local repair shops that service their company.

Where can one get a Mesa amp repaired?

The Mesa/Boogie company recommends you first contact the dealer you purchased the amplifier. If you are not satisfied with that you can call your local authorized Mesa/Boogie repair service.

Where can you send your DS for repair?

send it to our local electronic dealer or purchase a new one

Where do I get workers for my furnace maintenance in RI?

To get workers for your furnace maintenance business, check local training facilities such as those found at career oriented colleges. Many local institutes may be available to pick employees from. Contact any local HVAC dealer. They have repair service technicians that would be able to provide service on your furnace.

Where can a person get help to get better credit score?

You can either go to your local library, read a few books and do it yourself. Or you can hire a professional credit repair service to do it for you.

Where can I find a company that specializes in window glass repair?

I would suggest finding a local glass repair company. They usually provide better customer service and prices. You can find them by asking neighborhood businesses or homeowners, checking the Yellow Pages or looking through the local newspaper.

Where can you get a 1994 Toyota 4Runner Manual?

If you want a repair manual most parts stores carry chiltons or haynes, your local library will also have these. If it is an owners or service manual you can go to a dealer or visit the website to the right.