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Q: Is it bad to drive your truck if you have a camshaft problem?
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Can you drive your 2005 Chrysler Crossfire if the camshaft is bad?

NO. If the camshaft is broken it will not run. If the camshaft is worn it will run poorly.

Will camshaft sensor keep 1996 Chevy truck from starting?

It sure will if it's bad.

How long can you drive on a bad camshaft position sensor?

how far can you walk on a sprained ankle?

Is it bad to drive your truck with a bad cadalitic converter?

Yes it is. It can damage the engine.

How do you tell if a coil is gone bad on a Ford truck?

If you drive a Ford truck and things start to go wrong with it, like you are hearing strange noises or it is stalling on you or it just won't start, you need to get it into a mechanic as soon as possible. One problem that seems to be happening with the Ford trucks are the coil are going bad.

Your Mazda truck has lost drive and 2nd gear could this only be that the transmission is gone?

Depends on the year of the truck It could be a computer control problem. This computer could be in "Limp mode" because a sensor is bad or a control inside the transmission is bad. It will need to be checked by a knowledgeable and trust worthy person.

Should you drive your 94 dodge Dakota truck with a bad water pump?


What causes a bad vibration on accelerating on a rear wheel drive pickup truck?

Could be a universal joint gone bad.

If the crank shaft in a 1990 gmc pick up went bad how will the truck drive?

It won't.

My truck wont start it has a bad idle and when you put it in drive it dont want to go past 10 miles per hour then it sounds like something is chocking it out what can the problem be?

Not sure but you can try the timing chain.

Your 1997 GMC Suburban will not shift out of Park bad shiftbrake interlock switch so does anyone know a work-around to get truck to the shop?

I had same problem with same truck. Turn ignition key 1 click. Just 1 click from off. YOu can then shift into neutral. The start car and you can drive normally. Make sure foot on brake when shift into drive!

What causes a thumping noise while turning left in my truck?

Could be a bad tire, loose lug nuts, wheel bearing going bad and if the truck is a 4 wheel drive it could be the front axle CV joint going bad.