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No, There is no such law.

What the company will pay for the repair of your roof is dependent on what type of policy you bought and the age of your roofing material.

If you bought an HO1, the cheapest Home Insurance Policy then you probably have cash value coverage. The company will only pay to repair the damaged portion of your roof. Match and asthetic issues are generally excluded from coverage under the HO1

If you bought an HO2 or HO3 policy then you may have full replacement value coverage, in which case they will pay whatever it cost to replace the entire roof.

Match issues are addressed in your Insurance Policy Contract you agreed to when you purchased your insurance.

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Q: Is it an Ohio law if the insurance company can't match the shingles do they have to replace the whole roof?
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What does Michigan laws say about insurance company replacing roof with matching shingles?

There is no law about roofing material match issues with your insurance company. You would need to refer to the policy language that you contracted with and agreed to when your purchased the policy from the insurance company. Most policies exclude coverage for aesthetic match issues.

What do Ohio laws say about insurance company replacing roof with matching shingles?

Ohio law states that when replacing the roof with matching shingles, that there is a reasonable effort that all shingles match. This means that if a shingle that is not exact, needs to be as close as possible.

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