Is hummer a car or a truck?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is hummer a car or a truck?
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Why was the hummer invented?

The hummer was invented for military reasons. This truck can go through rough conditions, it is a very stong truck.

What is a mxt international truck?

a intenational truck that looks like a hummer

What should be the name of a rugged and reliable truck?


Land cruiser or hummer g3 is better car?

hummer is the better 4x4

What is the tallest car?

hummer,of course

What is actor vijay's car?


What is dhayanidhi alagiri's car?


How much does an armored Gurkha truck cost?

More tan my Hummer.

Where can I find a hummer pickup truck?

They are usually to be seen on roads in America.

What brand of car is a hummer?

The Hummer was produced by AM General, & General Motors. It is no longer being produced.

What is a car that starts with a H?

Hyundai hummer Honda highlander

What car does Less miles per gallon?

hummer H1, hummer H2 (public consumer)