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Q: Is chain stronger than cable
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When towing another vehicle with a chain or cable the flag which is attached to the chain or cable must be what color?

I do believe it is not legal any longer to tow with a chain or cable, but in the Driver's handbook it states that if you do it must be WHITE and no less than 12 Inches squared.

Does increasing a chain length make it stronger or weaker?

This chain will be stronger obviously.

Why was it important to have a locomotive?

Stronger than a horse, and it stayed with the train (as opposed to cable hauling techniques).

Is axel stronger than Sora?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sora is the keyblade master so hes stronger and also sora beaten axel in kingdom hearts chain of memories

Why is celllose stronger than starch?

Is Found In Plants It Gives Strenghth To The Sten It Is A Straight Chain Of Glocose Molecuse

Is the proverb a chain is no stronger than its weakest link in the bible?

There is no phrase like that in the Bible, even though it's true.

What is a 'Bow-stopper' and 'Chain stoppre?

bow stopper is use to hold the cable chain of an anchor not to slip into sea bed when pulled up.....and chain stopper is use to hold the chain cable when is pulled up...

Is chain mail armor stronger than diamond armor in minecraft?

No, Diamond is the strongest, followed by Iron. Chain is next, offering only a tiny amount more protection than gold. In terms of durability, chain is the same as iron, but diamond again is the best.

Why is polyamide stronger than polyethylene?

The molecular structure of polyamides are impecable and superior to polyethylenes because of the amino group at the end of the chain.

What is a cable tire chain used for?

A cable tire chain is used in tires, which are used in vehicles. The chain itself provides extra grip during winters and on slippery surfaces and is put on the tire of a car.

What fastener starts with letter c?

cable, chain

What are some advantages and disadvantages of a cable stayed bridge?

The main advantage of a cable-stayed bridge is that it is under compression by the cables which makes it stronger. The main disadvantage of the cable-stayed bridge is that it is more susceptible to wind than other types of bridges.

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