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Q: Is broad form comprehensive general liability coverage the same as comprehensive gl?
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What is some car insurance terminology?

This is far too broad of a question to fully answer. However, representative terms include collision coverage, bodily injury liability coverage, personal injury protection, comprehensive coverage, and deductible.

What country was original householders comprehensive policy first written in?

The first householders comprehensive policy was written in the United Kingdom. It was created to provide a broad range of coverage for homeowners, including protection for their property, belongings, and liability risks.

What is Broad form coverage?

A term used to describe comprehensive extended insurance coverage that often covers losses resulting from breakage of glass, falling objects, weight of snow, ice or sleet and water damage.

What is the opposite of encyclopedia?

The opposite of encyclopedia is likely specific or narrow in scope, contrasted with the broad and general coverage of an encyclopedia.

What is broad form comprehensive home insurance?

The Broad form is the "HO3" also known as the "HOC" and sometimes referred to as "All Risk Coverage. It's the priciest Homeowners policy available but also offers the broadest coverage, hence the name "Broad Form". The major difference in the Broad form (HO3) from the Basic Form (HO1) and the Extended Coverage policy (Form HO2) is the peril language appoach. The HO3 is considered to use an "Exclusive" approach where forms 1 and 2 use the "Inclusive" language approach to covered and non-covered perils.

What is the difference between professional and general liability?

Professional liability covers you for losses and expenses that can arise from the practice of your profession. Claims of loss or injury that result from negligence, incompetence, errors and or omissions on the part of the professional in carrying out the services being rendered.General liability is more location oriented, It provides coverage for claims that may arise from your location such as slip and fall claims or other types of injury.AnswerProfessional liability policies were developed (fundamentally) to protect against claims arising out of economic loss. General Liability exists to protect against bodily injury, property damage, personal injury & adveritising injury - - all defined terms in the policy. There is no standard Professional liability policy and each should be read and explained by an experienced professional. This is a very thin answer in the broad scheme of insurance and there are sooo many factors to consider - CONTACT A SPECIALIST WHO CAN EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENCES... possibly someone with an MLIS designation.

What is broad form contractual liability?

Contractual liability insurance that covers liability transferred in a wide variety of business contracts.

What is umbrella liability insurance?

So does that mean you cannot get an umbrella liability policy without having some primary coverage first? I am a landlord. Let's say I am not concerned about property damage or fire loss, just liability. Is there any type of insurance I can buy just for liability? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ In answer to your question, by its very nature, there has to be underlying coverage in order to have an unbrella policy. Otherwise, there is nothing for the umbrella to supplement. Different insurance companies have different underwriting requirements as to the amount of underlying coverage you much have to get an umbrella of a stated amount. Since you are a landlord, and presumably want coverage on the rental property, you may want to look into a Commercial General Liability insurance policy. It is a broad form of policy that covers an array of risks. Only a licensed insurance agent can advise you on what is best for your needs. However, since it is rental property, I do not understand why you would not want insurance on the property itself, such as fire insurance, unless the property is uninsurable. --Luke Brown

What is a broad and comprehensive statement that is believed to be true?

Its a Theory

What is a synonym for comprehensive?

inclusive, across the board, all-embracing, broad, complete, encircling, encyclopedic, exhaustive, extensive, full, general, global, in depth, overall, sweeping, thorough, umbrella, wall-to-wall, whole, wideThere are many synonyms for comprehensive, including inclusive, broad, sweeping, thorough, exhaustive, and complete.

What two states that do not require liability insurance?

Auto insurance coverages fall into some broad categories. They are, in general, Medical Payments, Collision, Comprehensive, Liability (Bodily Injury and Property Damage), Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist, Rental Car, and, if you live in a no-fault state, Personal Injury Protection (PIP). BODILY INJURY LIABILTY INSURANCE. All states require bodily injury liability insurance, except for Florida (a no-fault state) and New Hampshire. As of June 1, 2010, Wisconsin now also requires bodily injury liability insurance. PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY INSURANCE. Property damage liability coverage addresses the costs of damages to the other driver's vehicle or property should you be involved and found at-fault for an auto accident. Commonly, property damage liability insurance also covers the damage caused by other authorized drivers of your vehicle. Currently, all states require property damage liability insurance.

Comprehensive idea that can be used to explain a broad range of phenomena?