Is an interstate battery or deka batter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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how makes the best car battery

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Q: Is an interstate battery or deka batter?
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Who make car batteries in the US?

Johnson Controls Exide Optima Interstate Deka American Battery Co.

Who makes Harley battery?


How many automotive battery manufacturers are there in the USA?

five Johnson Controls Exide Interstate Optima SRV WRONG ALL ONWED BY JOHNSON CONTROL Interstate cheaper battery power volt says right on it Johnson Controls Interstate owns optima and srv There is also East Penn / Deka

Who are the five car battery manufacturers in the us?

It's At Least 6:Johnson ControlsEast Penn (Deka)ExideSuperior BatteryOptimaEnersys (Odyssey Brand)Interstate is a Distributor (Johnson Controls, Optima & Mexican)

Who makes interstate car batteries?

Interstate Battery Company

Where can you purchase an interstate battery?

click the link.

What is an interstate battery?

It's a brand name

Is it easy to change a battery in a BMW z4?

Yes, as long as you get the right battery so that it is an identical fit. Either get a BMW battery, or an Interstate MPT-H6. You will have to plug one of the vents on the interstate battery, and use the vent hose from your original BMW battery.

Who makes car batteries for interstate?

Interstate is a battery company making their own batteries since 1950.

What type of battery does a 1997 Toyota Camry use?


What are some special Interstate Battery products?

Some special Interstate Battery products are ones that allow for the quick recharging of batteries. Many people trust and know these products for their everyday activities.

How good are Deka batteries?

They make an excellent battery. They are made by East Penn Manufacturing Company in the U.S.