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While I believe air brakes should be an endorsement, for a non-CDL vehicle, there are no additional requirements imposed when the vehicle is equipped with air or air-over-hydraulic brakes.

The need for a CDL is determined by the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. In your case, the vehicle is rated at 26,000 lbs., which doesn't require a CDL.

However, if it carries a quantity of hazardous materials which requires placards to be displayed, or if it were a bus designed to transport more than 15 persons (including the driver), then it would be a CDL vehicle at any weight, and air brakes would have an impact.

A driver who tests for a CDL must take both the written air brakes test and perform their road test in a vehicle which is equipped with air brakes. Otherwise, they will get a restriction which prohibits them from operating a CMV which is equipped with air brakes (however, this restriction does not apply to non-CDL vehicles).

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Q: Is air brake a requirement for c d l example is our company owns a stake body truck 26000 gvw with air brakes and they tell me its non cdl?
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