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Q: Is a starter covered under drivetrain warranty?
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Is the starter in my Hyundai covered under warrant?

under the 5 year warranty

Are noisy hydraulic lifters covered under extended drivetrain warranty?

If the hydraulic lifters are making noise they shouldn't be making, then there's probably more to it, and it's likely a problem which should be covered under such a warranty.

Are replacing cell phone batteries covered under the warranty?

No it is not. If the battery has just worn out because of regular use, it is not covered under warranty. If it is an odd circumstance, then it may be covered under warranty.

Does chrysler have to pay to get code p1004 fixed?

Only if the vehicle is covered under warranty.Only if the vehicle is covered under warranty.

Is a starter covered under power train warranty?

I would say YES. But that would be debatable. Ask and see if they cover it. Just for the record I have to say that I have never seen a starter covered by a power train warranty, they really only cover the engine and maybe the transmission if your lucky, the answer will be in the fine print of your agreement.

Is timing belt coverd in your warranty?

Depends on the manufacture. It will be covered under the bumper to bumper warranty. It may or may not be covered under the power train warranty. Read your warranty that came with the vehicle or call your dealer.

Is the timing belt covered under motor warranty?

Yes, It's an internal engine part. Covered under drive-train warranty, if it breaks before warranty expires in new cars

Are tires covered under the 3 month used car warranty?

Normally they are not covered. Read the details of the warranty to find out.

Are wheel bearings covered by Ram 4500 4x4 power train warranty?

Call the dealership and ask them if they are covered under the warranty.

Is the ac compressor in a 09' jeep covered under warranty?

It would have been covered by the 3 year, 36000 mile warranty.

Is the shower pan covered by homeowners insurance?

No, But it might be covered under your home warranty.

Are airbags covered under warranty?

Call your local dealership.