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if the red car is exceding tha speed limit YES!!!

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Q: Is a red car more likely to be stopped by police?
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What is a sentence for the word stopped?

Who stopped the police officer? We were stopped by the police.

Is it likely that people who speed will be caught?

If there is a police station or police car nearby, most likely yes.

How far away do you have to be from a police car?

if you are passing a patrol car that is stopped on the shoulder you need to change lanes

Why does a car shake when stopped?

you most likely have warped brake rotors

Do the police have to be stopped to radar you?

The answer, both technologically and legally, is "No". Most modern in-car Police radar systems can work while the vehicle is moving.

What car is the majority of cars pulled over by police?

The automobile makes of the vehicles stopped is not captured as a nationwide statistic. - - - - - - - - However, all other things being equal, the police may watch a sports car a bit more closely than a compact or a family sedan.

If you are stopped by a police officer you should show these items?

license and registration/insurance car ownership papers

If you don't have the following documents in your car when you are stopped by a police officer your vehicle could be impounded?

registration and insurance

If you borrow your brothers car for one night but you are not insured for that car but he is and he has given you permission to drive his car and if you get stopped by police can they give you points?

It depends on the state and the insurance company.

Do you have to have vehicle registration in your car when you drive?

No but if you're stopped by the police and they ask to see it, you will be required to take it to a police station (of your choice) within 5 or 7 days.

What color car gets stopped more?


The probability that a car stopped by the police as illegal tire treads of 0.05 What is the probability that it will not have illegal tire treads?

It is 0.95