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Q: Is a crow hop a normal sound that a jeep makes?
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Who makes a jeep engine?


How do you write the sound of a jeep?


Does Jeep have a short e sound?

No. The EE pair has a long E sound, as it practically always does. Jeep rhymes with keep and steep.

Is it normal for a jeep Cherokee sport exhaust to be loud?

Well for me it is normal.

Have a Jeep - when it rains the brakes make noise?

That can be normalThat can be normal

Who makes the 3.1 jeep engine?

There is no 3.1 engine in any Jeep

Who makes the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Jeep, or if you wanna get more specific, Chrysler. Chrysler owns Jeep.

Is gas in the oil normal for a Jeep Liberty?


How can you make a 1988 jeep 4.0l engine start up quicker or what makes it take so long to start?

First try the map sensor. If that doesn't do it, then the fuel pump should. It is normal for that generation of Jeep to have a longer crank time.

Why is there a clicking sound on what seems to be some kind of a sensor on the top of the motor near the fire wall on the passenger side of your 1999 jeep Cherokee sport is that normal and what is it?

If it has two wires and two vacuum lines, then it is the purge solenoid and clicking is normal.

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