Is a car a complex machine?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes it is.It is a complex machine

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Q: Is a car a complex machine?
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Is a car an example of simple machine?

No. A car is a complex machine.

Is the engine of a car considered a complex machine?

yes if course it is

What are 2 complex machines?

A complex machine is a machine that is made up of two or more simple machines. Examples: Pencil sharpener, Washing machine, Wheelbarrow

Is a car a type of simple machine?

no, it is a complex machine. Lever, wedge and inclined plane are examples of simple machines.

Why is a washing machine a complex machine?

more than one simple machine is contained in a Washing machine(complex machine)

A machine made of more than one simple machine?

This would be a complex machine. A motor car for example has its motive power and transmission system as its primary function. secondary functions are the electrical system, radio system, lights and signals and so forth. together a complex machine.

Name one complex machine and a simple machine?

a complex machine would be a car, but a simple machine would be a wheel and axle. an example of a wheel and axle would be a steering wheel

When two or more simple machines are combined they form?

A complex machine.(I just did a school test on this and it said compound machine was correct, not complex)

Is a camera a complex machine?

a camera is complex machine cause it uses electricity.

How can you use the word complex machine in a sentence?

I just saw a complex machine over there!

Is a elevator a complex machine?

Yes a elevator is a complex machine because their are more than one simple machine on a elevator

What type of machine is a bike?

A complex machine