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I think you mean "multi port". Multi port fuel injection means 1 injector for each cylinder as opposed to there being 1 or 2 injectors inside the throttle body

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Q: Is a 3.9 multi point the same basic motor as single point?
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How do you convert dual point to multi point?

its a pain - you have to switch interior dash harness motor harness and ecu...not worth the trouble

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Is a 1999 dodge 5.2l carburated?

No, multi point fuel injection.No, multi point fuel injection.

Is it possible to change an EA Ford 3.9 liter partial injection motor to a full 3.9 liter Multi point injection motor without changing computers?

yes you probably could

What MPFI and SOHC means?

Single Overhead Cam is what the letters SOHC stand for. Multi-Point Fuel Injection is what MPFI or MPI stands for.

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State two advantages or multi-point fuel injection when compared to single point injection for a si engine?

It has a Better spray pattern and also will inject fuel in the open intake valve (indirect injection).

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What does single point injecton mean in cars?

A vehicle with "single point injection" has one fuel injector injecting fuel for all cylinders, regardless as to how many cylinders the engine actually has. More modern vehicles are "Multi-point Injection" which generally means they have one injector per cylinder. In these cases each injector generally injects fuel for a specific cylinder. Hence a 4cyl engine would have 4 injectors, an 8 cyl engine 8, and so on. A single point system is cheaper to manufacture (less wiring, fewer injectors, etc), but generally is slightly less efficient than a multipoint system, hence why more modern cars are multi-point injection.

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