Is Safelite auto Glass a good place to work?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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ABSOLUTELY NOT! I will not comment on Safelite the company just the call center. Working at this call center was just about the worst case of dehumanization I have ever witnessed. Most managers treat their employees horribly. This would not be happening if the top manager was not allowing it to go on! The TSR's and CSR's are treated like lab rats. The most anal case of micromanaging you will ever experience. If you are thinking about working there think twice...or definitely make sure you keep looking because what little bit of goodness you think you are experiencing will not last. The woman who runs this call center will smile at you and be extremely friendly to your face only, but don't make the mistake of trusting her. She is the type of person who will have your job and you will never know she had anything to do with it. and, carmen, if you mess with this article one more time I will put your name in the next time, I will be watching.

There is an unbelievable amount of dishonesty, discrimination, hostile environment going on. When I was thinking about leaving I mentioned to a long time manager that there was no real money to be made there. He said, well that is the toughest decision we have to make every week is "who is going to get the money" I replied, that is a no-brainer you give it to the people who worked hard to make the stats and earn it". Management uses dishonesty to change employees stats. Sometimes to give what someone worked hard for to another employee they like better. Unbelievable but true. Management DOES NOT give commission statements because if they did an employee could prove the discrepancy. If you are a senior employee in the call center you will most likely be treated like a lost cause and don't expect to ever get an interview for a promotion yet a promotion. There is only one manager over about the age of 30, most are in their twenties and not qualified to be in management. This call center does discriminate on age and this is well documented with the appropriate agencies.

There is a class action suit because employees are tired of doing 4 minutes of work before they can clock in. It is necessary to boot the computer system, sign in and ready sometimes up to 20 memos before a call can be taken. This is because employees are expected to do most of their own training on their own time up to and including breaks. Once employees clock in calls immediately start coming in and the customer would have to hold for 4 minutes. They would have to wait while the employee got past all the requirements, plus the training memo's before they can even access the program necessary to assist a customer. All the good stuff you see online is just Safelite picking and choosing what they want you to see. This article is the truth. You don't have to believe me you can check it out for yourself. Safelite call center management should be ashamed!!

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Q: Is Safelite auto Glass a good place to work?
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