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Q: Is Franklin Life Ins Company owned by American General?
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Who owns General American Life Insurance Company?

The General American Life Insurance Company is owned by it's parent company Metlife. The current CEO of Metlife is a man called Steven A. Kandarian since the year 2011.

Rca was incorporated by general electric in 1919 so that it could acquire the American assets of what british-owned company?


Is American airways owned by American airlines?

Yes, American Airlines is owned by American Airways. They are the same company whose name has changed over time.

Is Faucet Direct an American Owned Company?

No is not an American Owned Company. Faucet Direct and Improvement Direct are owned by the United Kingdom Based firm, Wolseley.

Who owns the American Chicle Company?

The American Chicle Company is owned by the Warner-Lambert Company

What car company does Australia manufacture?

The company is Holden, owned by General Motors

What company owned jeep in 1980?

AMC, American Motor Company.

What is the contact information for American Broadcasting Company?

The American Broadcasting Company, or ABC, is a broadcast television network owned by the Walt Disney Company. The general mailing address is 500 S. Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521-4551. The general contact phone number is 818-460-7477.

Does a outside company own general motors?

There is no parent company over General Motors. They're a public company, ultimately owned by their shareholders.

Is Smith and Wesson an American owned company?


Is Life and Casualty Insurance Company of Tennessee a viable company?

Yes it is and is now owned by American General Life and Accident which is based in Nashville TN. Phone 1-800-888-2452

Is Vegemite now owned by an Australian company?

Yes, Vegemite is now owned by an Australian company called Bega Cheese. It was previously owned by Mondelez International.