Is Carmax the same as Vaseline?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Carmax is a car dealer and vaseline is a lubricant-so no.

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Q: Is Carmax the same as Vaseline?
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Does CarMax offer a fair price?

CarMax offers great prices on cars. If you are not sure if you can do better, look for the same make and model on a different website and see how the CarMax price differs from the other car dealership.

Why is the carmax image a cherry?

Carmax symbol is not a cherry, that's a flavored Carmax. Regular Carmax does not have a symbol.

Is vaseline and glycerin same?


What is CarMax's population?

CarMax's population is 2,005.

Who owns carmax?

Carmax is a publicly owned and traded company.

Where is CarMax Auto Finance located?

CarMax Auto Finance locations are found at all CarMax dealerships. The CarMax Auto Finance headquarters is located at 1800 Parkway Pl SE, Marietta, GA.

What is the symbol for CarMax Inc in the NYSE?

The symbol for CarMax Inc in the NYSE is: KMX.

When was CarMax created?

The first CarMax location opened for business in September of 1993.

Is there a CarMax located in Seattle Washington that sells used and new cars?

No, there is not a CarMax in Seattle, or even in the state of Washington. The nearest CarMax to you is in Roseville, California.

Are there any other national companies other than Carmax that specialize in used cars?

There are an online site called, they are the same as carmax however they are online. There are no other companies that offer used cars that are national.

Is Klover Vaseline equivalent to Vaseline Petroleum Jelly?

Yes it is. Kløver Vaseline is made in Norway by Lilleborg Fabrikker(Orkla) under a patented agreement with Chesebrough-Pond, Inc. from 1988, which is owned by Unilever, which again owns the patent and manufacture the Vaseline brand, also in the USA. - In other words - Lilleborg manufacture Kløver Vaseline for Unilever/Vaseline with the same recipe. In Scandinavia, the Kløver Vaseline brand is marked on Vasline's website as one of their products, side-by-side with their Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly.

Who invented Carmax?

The now defunct Circuit City. More details at Carmax's web site.