Is 30000 miles on a 1 yr old car too much?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i think it is. i had my car for about a year now and now i have 29000 miles..thats because i have to go back n forth at work. and i have to drieve 20 miles away everyday. and some places too..

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Q: Is 30000 miles on a 1 yr old car too much?
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Is 16000 miles too much for a 1yr old car?

Not at all.

How much miles should a 3 year old car have on it?

about 25,000. My van is 4 years old and has about 35,750 miles onit.

How much does it cost to legalize a car?

It all depends on how old the car is, and how many miles are on it. You also have to pay the taxes on the car the same day you go to get it legal..The older the car is and the more miles is on it, the cheaper it is to get it legal...

Is 40000's miles to much for a two year old car?

It's a little over average.

How do you know how old a car is?

The number of miles times the year the car was made.

How much does a Honda for sale cost?

If a Honda was for sale, it would depend on whether it was new or used, how many miles are on hte car, and how old the car is. There are many factors that can go into the price of a car.

How much does a 5 year old car go down in prise?

it depends. how many miles are on it, any dents modifies, the history

How many miles is too much on a used car?

The average amount of miles per year on a car is 12,000 miles. Do the math: if the mileage is much over this, that is considered too many, and the car would be worth less. On the other hand, it the car has less than an average of 12,000 per year, that adds to its value. Example: An 6-year-old car should have no more than 72,000 miles on it. 60000 thousand (unless has service report including) or more is too much because by then the e.g engine will need its belts replaced, pumps brakes.

Is 160000 miles on a car good or bad?

bad..but it depends on how old the car is. If its 10 years old and its a diesel then it should be fine.

How many miles can an old car go between oil changes when you use synthetic oil?

About 4500 miles for car/truck over 150k

Is 147000 a lot of miles on a 5 year old car?

Yes. The average miles per year is 15K.

How many miles should a 2005 used car have?

The average mileage is about 12,000 pa. So a 6 year old car should have about 72,000 miles on the clock.