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It uses more petrol because of air resistance. Friction pulling the load on the roof which causes the car to use more petrol because of the weight it needs more energy to move around.

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Q: In terms of friction why does a car use more petrol when it has a load on its roof?
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Why does a car use more petrol when it has a load on the roof?

Its answer is very simple that a car uses more petrol when it has to overcome more wind resistance.

Will installing bigger tire consume more petrol for my car?

Yes. Bigger tyres=> more friction => more strain on engine=> more fuel used

What would happen to a pulley system if the load were increased?

Ideal mechanical advantage is the mechanical advantage when there is no friction. It is the mechanical advantage when the efficiency of the pullefy system is 100%. It is a constant for that system of pulleys. Therfore it is not affected by increasing or decreasing the load. But actual mechanical advantage will be less than this ideal mechanical advantage due to friction. In other words the efficiency will be less than 100 %. If the efficiency is 80%, it implies 20% is wasted due to friction while lifting a load. If we increase the load the friction also increases and hence the efficiency will decrease with the load.

Why does a car use more petrol when it has a load?

When the car is loaded, more energy is needed to propel it. A loaded car feels sluggish so you have to press the gas pedal more, so more fuel is used.

What is the difference between a starter and a choke in terms of their functions?

a choke on a motorbike is when u pull it, it lets more petrol into the engine to help it get started if you start it for the first time but it wastes a bit more petrol and leave the engine running for a while then put it in it should be fine

What is more combustible diesel or petrol?

Petrol is far more comustile compared to Diesel

What is a supreme petrol?

Supreme petrol is one way to say that the gasoline possesses more percentage of hydrocarbon. More the percentage of octane for a given petrol, it will burn more hence giving more energy and less unburnt hydrocarbons. Supreme petrol's are little expensive than regular petrol.

Why is a hydrogen engine more powerful than a petrol engine?

As hydrogen releases more energy than petrol, H engine is more powerful than petrol .

What is the disadvantage of adding more pulleys to a system of pulleys?

There are two disadvantages:You will have to pull the rope a long distance to move the load a relatively short distance.There will be more loss of energy to friction with more pulleys.

Friction is an example of what kind of fource?

2 terms that i can think of are frictional force and resistive force...there might b more tho

How does bed load influence the wetted perimeter of a river?

The greater the wetted perimeter, the more friction the water encounters with the bed and sides. This reduces the speed of the river.

How do you tell petrol from diesel in a can?

Petrol is and bit more vicous and that diesel is a lot darker than petrol. Petrol burns quicker when set alight, however diesel burns more brightly!