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In Pennsylvania is route 80 or route 81 better for cars to avoid truck traffic

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Q: In pa is rte-81 or rte-80 best for cars to avoid truck traffic?
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Does the sighn no through trucks mean no truck traffic at all or only local truck traffic?

It means only local truck traffic.

What day of the week has the least truck traffic?

Think Saturday

Is it ok to talk to professional truck drivers about road and traffic?

Certainly. Citizen's Band is for everyone, not just truck drivers.

If you run over a septic tank with a truck will it break it?

It can, depends on how deep it is and how big or heavy the truck is. It is usually better to avoid doing it.

What does failure to obey traffic control device mean?

I received a failure to obey traffic control device (warning) for missing a commercial truck weigh station.

What Unneeded traffic cones should be?

stacked onto the truck for transport back to the staging area

How much does a traffic ticket cost for following too close to a fire truck?

The actual dollar amount will vary by jurisdiction, but in relation to other vehicles, tailgating a fire truck will cost you much more. Emergency and police vehicles are given special protection in traffic.

How do you avoid catching on fire in gta san Andreas?

complete the fire truck missions

When sharing the road with large trucks?

avoid following a truck too closely and position your vehicle so the truck driver can see it in his side mirrors

Should you answer yes to committing a crime on a job application for a minor traffic violation?

No. Traffic violations are not important on a job application, unless the job is for driving. Like a schoolbus or truck.

What is the distance between cones in Colorado?

If your talking traffic cones then it depends on the road, traffic, the speed of the traffic, the construction being performed and most of all on the person (making a low wage) pulling them off a truck or trailer and placing them...

What if you don't stop for the ice cream truck stop sign?

You risk running somebody over, but the ice cream truck has no actual legal authority to compel traffic to stop.