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You are insuring the car and not the driver. Of course since the driver has died, you should notify the insurance company of this. The insurance policy is still in place until the policy runs out. As long as the premium is paid on time the policy is good, and the car is still insured.

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Q: In mich car insurer died - how long is insurance on car good?
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In most states an insurer has up to 60 days to accept or deny a claim. Save

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Regardless of the type of insurance involved (long or short term), the essence of reinsurance is essentially the same. It can be characterized as "insurance for an insurer". It is a contract that one insurer makes with another to protect the first from a risk that it has already assumed. In retun the first (primary) insurer pays a premium to the reinsurer to assume that risk. Stated otherwise, a reinsurance contract os one in which the reinsurer agrees to indemnify (make whole), either fully or in part, losses that it has to pay to policyholders. Those losses are paid under the original insurance contracts issued to consumers. State insurance regulators limit the amount of insurance that an insurer can issue based, in part, upon the insurer's assets. Asset value is important to ensure that the insurer's financial stability is sufficient to pay policyholder claims as they accrue. One of the functions of certain types of reinsurance is that it counts toward the assets of the primary insurer. Therefore, since it is considered to have additional assets consisting of the reinsurance, the primary insurer is able to issue a greater amount of insurance than it would if it has to rely solely upon its own assets. Important to note is that for the most part, the reinsurance transaction is invisible to the insurance consumer. As such, the consumer does not have a direct right of action (claim or lawsuit) against the reinsurer; the claim is against the insurer and the insurer and reinsurer allocate responsibility between themselves. However, in rare circumstances, there exists a "cut-through" provision in reinsurance agreements that allows the consumer a direct right of action against the reinsurer.

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In most states in the U.S. An insurer has up to 60 days in which to investigate a loss and accept or deny a claim

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You can lose your medical insurance coverage in two ways: One is if your health insurance policy already expires. For example, the renewal date of your health insurance is May 8th, then your coverage is only good until May 7th if you don't renew it. Another is if you haven't paid your premiums. In that case, ask your health insurer or broker if the insurance company allows a grace period and how long that grace period is before you lose your coverage.

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Whether you have to pay a deductible for vandalism on your insurance policy depends on the terms of your specific policy. Some policies have a separate deductible for vandalism, while others may waive the deductible for this type of claim. Check your policy documents or contact your insurance provider to determine if a deductible applies in your situation.

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It is not incumbent on your insurance company to discover deceit on the part of the insured. Your insurance company can cancel your policy or increase your premiums at any time if they discover an attempt at fraud on the part of a policy holder. Concealment of a DUI from your insurer is a form of insurance fraud. Insurance Fraud is a felony offense. Your insurance company is not required to pay for losses or claims that arise out of fraud on the part of the insured or a fraudulently obtained insurance policy.