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In a crash, rear seat passengers in a car

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Q: In a crash rear seat passenger in a car?
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In a crash rear seat passengers in a car?

In a crash, rear seat passengers in a car

A passenger in the rear seat of a car moving at a steady speed is at rest relative to what?

The front seat of the car.

A passenger in the rear seat of a car moving at a steady speed is at rest relative to?

the front seat of the car I think.....

Can you install a forward facing car seat in two seat sports car?

If the car is only a 2 seater you can put a FORWARD facing car seat on the passenger side, but I'm not sure about a rear facing car seat.

Were is the battery?

under the car hood, or ive seen them under the rear left passenger seat

What is the highest speed of a head on car crash a standard car seat belt can save a passenger from?

Im not sure but i think its around 45-50mph =)

Can you put a car seat in front seat of car in UK?

Putting a car seat in the front seat of your car is a terrible idea, regardless of the country. The height of the airbags can break a childs neck if just in a booster, and can jar a rear facing car seat, in the event of an accident. The front passenger seat is statistically the most dangerous seat in the car to in during an accident.

How many seats does the dodge charger have?

2 front bucket seats and a full rear seat, 5 passenger car.

What could be causing water to leak into the floorboard of a car in the front and rear passenger side but not under the seat?

definatly the heater core

Describe the likely motion of an unrestrained rear seat passenger in a car which collides with a tree at 60 kilometres per hour?

The passenger would move forward, and either hit the seat or the windshield due to the inertia of the passenger (tendency to not change motion).

If you drive with a child in the front seat and the car is equipped with an airbag you should?

If you have a child in the front seat of a car, you must ensure they are wearing a seat belt and that the airbag is connected. An unrestrained child without an airbag will be flung through the windshield in a crash and will die.The only exception to this is if you've got a baby in a rear-facing car seat strapped to the passenger seat. The baby seat must, without exception, be attached to the seat solidly, or the seat must be strapped to the seat in an approved manner. Then the airbag must be disconnected to prevent crush injuries in a crash.Urban myths have spread about airbags being dangerous. They are not, but not using a seatbelt is very dangerous; not using a seatbelt for your child is wanton neglect. For best results, strap your child into a car seat, fitted by professionals, on the rear seat of your car.

How do you jump start a 1996 MB E320?

the battery is located under the rear seat. to remove the seat there are two little handles on each side of the rear seat once pulled on the handles the seat can be taken out. Usually there will be black lining that you take off and there is the battery on the rear passenger side.there you can jump start you car.

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