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Where you originally threw it.

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Q: If your riding in the back of a pickup truck and you throw a water balloon straight up where will the balloon fall?
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What might happen if you brick the balloon?

If you throw a brick at a balloon it will probably burst.

How far can you throw a water balloon before it pops?

The distance a water balloon can be thrown before popping depends on various factors including the size of the balloon, the force of the throw, the height of the throw, and the thickness of the balloon's skin. In general, a water balloon can typically be thrown up to 20-30 feet before popping.

How do you do the YoVille water balloon trick?

well on the bottom left hand corner there's a blue balloon, just click and drag it to where you want to throw it for example on your friend. After that you have to wait for the balloon to regain some water in order to throw it again.

Who tried to throw a water balloon horrid Henry?

his brother 😉

How can you throw a ball of water without using a water balloon?

Freeze it.

Why is balance needed in horse riding?

Riding a horse can be compared to riding a bike. if you do not have balance, you can throw the horse (or bike) off balance and/or slide off to one side.

Can you throw a party in pet society?

yes you can , but you have to build the balloon / invitation first .

How do you get through the doors in the foyer on panfu?

all yo' have to do is to throw a water balloon at it.

How do you put out the firecrakers on panfu?

You have to throw a water balloon at them, and then click on them to pick them up.

How do you throw a ball has hard as you can and get it back without hitting something?

Throw it straight up.

Average height of water balloon burst?

That depends. If you throw it up into a tree then it will burst up high. If you throw it into the ground then it will burst low.

How can you throw a water balloon into a target 50 meters away?

To throw a water balloon into a target 50 meters away, you will need to calculate the angle and force needed to achieve the distance. Factors such as wind speed, angle of release, and strength of the throw all play a role in hitting the target accurately. Practice and adjustments to your technique will help you improve your aim over time.