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Heck NO. LOL they might want you to THINK that...

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Q: If you still owe on a car and it is totally destroyed in a wreck and you are behind in payments can they repo your house?
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Could you lose your home if you are behind on payments and your car rolls down hill into it?


What the best thing to do if I am not behind on payments yet but just can't afford mortgage anymore?

Sell the house.

Is insurance an asset?

Insurance is there in the hope that you will never need it! For instance, having your home fully insured would be an asset if your house suffered a fire and was totally gutted. But, if you never suffer a fire gutted house, your insurance payments are outgoing payments that are not recoverable.

Is there government assistance for house payments?

is there any help out there to help make house payments

What are the safer construction practices for tsunami?

To build a house that is relatively safe from a tsunami, it should be made out of wood, so as to be able to move, without just being destroyed. Of course, no house would be totally safe from a tsunami.

If I pay about 6 months worth of mortgage payments so I can be ahead what will happen if my house was to get destroyed Would I be out of all 6 months worth of money?

It sounds like you would be expecting a refund. You owe your mortgage payments even if your house gets destroyed. If you paid six months ahead your money is gone. You won't get it back but it would reduce what you own on your mortgage. However, if you have a mortgage then it is likely you have homeowner's insurance that would restore/repair your dwelling.You may also be expected to make your monthly payments. If you are contemplating this type of move it would be best to discuss it with your mortgage company before you send in any extra payments.

Does a house go into foreclosure for lack of homeowner payments?

At the discretion of the lender, a house can be foreclosed after a period of missing payments.

What does monthly housing payments mean?

It means that you have to make monthly payments on your house.

Can you keep your house after a bankruptcy?

Not unless your bankruptcy did the right things to allow you to keep it. If you are not in arrears in your mortgage payments before filing, you have to continue making the payments - preferably before the due date. If you are in arrears, you must file a chapter 13, with a plan to pay the arrears and whatever part of the unsecured debt you have to pay. Once the plan is completed, you can keep your house. If you get behind in your post-petition payments due, the bank will apply for relief from the automatic stay and you will lose your house.

If your ex spouse got the house in the divorce but now is behind in the payments And you are on the loan still can you take possession of the home if you take over payments?

I have the same question. I'm debating whether to pay off my loan to prevent this from happening or invest the money elsewhere.

If you are trying to pay child support and you are behind can they put a lien on your house?

Yes... But usually the courts will use wage garnishment as their first action. Either way, a person would have to be significantly behind on payments and/or not attempting to financially support the child.

How do Maggie and Dee regard the fire that destroyed the house?

4) How do Maggie and Dee regard the fire that destroyed the house?