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no you don't pay GA sales tax

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2009-11-19 03:12:42
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Q: If you live in Tennessee and buy a used car from a dealer in GA do you pay GA tax?
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If you live in Tennessee and buy from a dealer in Georgia do you have to pay sales tax?

Yes. Tennessee levies a use tax (at the same rate as the state sales tax) on large purchases from other states. You can arrange to have the dealer compute your tax and wrap it into the purchase price or you can pay the tax separately in Tennessee.

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Yes- but only from a dealer. You may not buy a firearm from a private seller in ANY state other than your own.

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How do you pay sales tax if you buy a vehicle from a dealer in Wisconsin and you live in Indiana?

You pay taxes to your home state regardless of where you buy the vehicle. A dealer can handle that for you, or you go to the courthouse.

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