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Usually tax, and license is figured into the dea.

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Q: If you bought a car from a used car dealership they will register the car with the state for you right?
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If i buy a used car from a dealership in one state can the dealership register it in another state?

No, you would need to register it. The dealership simply "signs off".

Can you register a car in FL without FL license I bought a condo here I live in MA?

Both Florida and Massachusetts have residence requirements governing your right to register a car in that state. The local state department of licensing can answer your question.

If I just bought a car but am moving to another state in 2 months can you register it in the other state?


Bought car in ny state want to register it in Florida do you have to pay sales tax in ny you have a home in Florida and ny?

you pay the tax of the state that you bought it in

How do you pay taxes on a vehicle bought from a private seller?

Collected by the State when you register the vehicle.

If you buy a truck from an Arizona dealership but live in Nevada where do you pay tax?

Normally the state in which you register the vehicle. That would be Nevada.

What are your rights if you bought a car from a dealer and still haven't got the title?

It varies state to state. Here in OH the dealership has 45 days to provide you with a clear title.

Will you have to pay state taxes on a new car you just bought in Colorado but want to register it in California?

You should only have to pay taxes in the state it will be registered in.

Do I have to purchase car insurance if I own a car?

Depends on what state you live in because not all states require insurance. I live in N.H where it isn't required unless you have bought it from a dealership and the dealership of course still owns the car.

In Pennsylvania if you have problems with a used car two days after the purchase can you return it to the dealership?

Perhaps, it depends upon the "lemon laws" of the state in which the vehicle is bought.

Do you pay sales tax in ny if the car was bought in NJ?

Probably what ever state you register the car in would collect the taxes.

If you live in Wisconsin and will be purchasing a car from a dealership in Illinois will you pay the taxes and fees there or when you get back to Wisconsin and register the car?

You should only pay the sales tax in the state it was purchased and the registration fee in the state it is registered.