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The bank/finance company. The dealer has already been paid for the vehicle

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Q: If you are current on your payments can the car dealership who sold you the car repo it or is the bank that is financing the vehicle the only one who can do that?
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What are the financing options when purchasing a vehicle?

There are a few different financing options when purchasing a vehicle. These can include financing from a bank as well as leasing from the dealership.

Who arranges the vehicle finance for customers?

Customers can arrange financing for new vehicle purchases directly through their bank. Financing can also be done through the dealership from which a person buys a car.

You are financing a vehicle but you can no longer afford payments what can you do?

Talk to the lender, or you can file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to lower the payments where you can afford them.

Are you in default of a car loan if the vehicle is not registered?

Registration of the vehicle has nothing to do with the loan or financing of the vehicle. The only was to "default" is to not make the payments.

How to Finance a Pre-Owned Vehicle if You Have No Credit?

A lot of different men and women have the belief that not having any credit means that they will not be able to obtain the financing that they need in order to purchase a vehicle. However, this is not always the case. When you are interested in purchasing a used vehicle there are a few different things that you should be able to do in order to finance your used vehicle with no credit. For example, there are many different used vehicle dealerships that will offer men and women financing without any credit. This normally requires a down payment.Finding a DealershipBefore you can obtain the financing that you are looking for, you will need to find a dealership that offers such financing. It is a good idea for you to try to go to different used vehicle dealerships in your area. Ask about any in-house financing that they might offer. Once you find a dealership that is willing to work with you, you will be able to look for a car that you want from that dealership. Remember to ask about the down payments that you will have to pay in order to obtain financing with no credit for that vehicle. Down payments are rarely over $2,000. It might be based on a percentage of the total price of the pre-owned vehicle.Getting the Down PaymentOnce you have a car that you know you will be able to afford in mind, you will need to save money in order to make the down payment. This might require you to take advantage of money saving tactics. However, if you have the down payment that is needed, you can give it to the dealership. This is when the financing paperwork begins.Car InsuranceYou will not be able to obtain your vehicle until you have insurance for that car. This means that you will have to go to your car insurance provider and purchase a car insurance policy. Once this has been done, you need to take your proof of insurance to the car dealership.

What is auto financing used for?

Auto financing is a type of loan. An automobile loan company or bank will lend the individual money, directly to the car company, to finance the purchase of the vehicle. The individual then pays the loan, plus interest, directly to the car company. Many dealerships have financial services on site so that the buyer may get the loan through one of dealership's partner companies. The loan is never directly given to the individual. It is given to the dealership. All payments are then made directly to the dealership or the financing agency.

Bought car from dealership that took care of financing arrangements - All payments timely made old vehicle traded - Dealership now trying to repo says bank did not approve finance What remedy -AZ?

Tell the dealership to give you your old car back and any money you gave them then you will give them their car back.You might want to consult an attorney.

Can a car be repossessed by the dealership?

If the dealer ship financed the vehicle, or represents the financing party, such Ford Finance, or GMAC, then yes they can.

My payments is behind but I want to trade it in. what dealership would take it?

I dont see why not. The dealership gets their money from the company that financed the car. You arent paying tge dealership, you pay the financial institution. Problem is, if you're behind on payments, that will not help you to get another vehicle.

Can a car dealership repo your car if you already have a lender for the vehicle?

The DEALERSHIP won't repossess the car, but the lender might if you don't make the monthly payments as scheduled.

How would a person get financing for a new Chevy Cobalt?

The best way to get financing is through a vehicle dealership as they tend to offer the best rates. However, if this is not an option you can quite commonly fiance through a bank.

Where might one be able to find cheap financing for a vehicle loan?

The cheapest way to find financing for a vehicle loan is to go directly to the car dealership, as they are able to offer far better interest rates as the can offset them against the base value of the car.