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You'd need to cross the English Channel to go from London to Paris. If you're going by rail, you cannot cross OVER the Channel - but you can cross UNDER it. To Vienna, you'll cross a great number of rivers, but the most important is probably the Rhine. Lots of bridges that way.

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Q: If touring London and Paris and Vienna by car and rail which body of water would I travel all over?
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You r touring European city by car and rail London Paris Vienna over what body of water must you treavle?

English channel

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How many miles from London England to Paris France?

Depending on the route of your travel London to Paris is about 285-308 miles.

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How far is Paris from London?

Paris to London: 213 mls / 343 kms bee-line flight time: London Heathrow - Paris Ch. De Gaulle: 1h 10m train travel: London St.Pancras - Paris Gare du Nord: 2h 35m road travel: 250 mls / 402 kms: est. 5h 15m

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for travelling from paris to london what entery document is needed visa or entery pass as i am a doctor and is attendin conference in paris and have come from pakistan and want to visit london as will

What is the name of the tunnel that allows trains travel from London to Paris?

The Channel Tunnel

How long does it take to travel on a train from London to Disneyland Paris?

About 2.5 hours

How much does it cost to travel from London to Paris BY CAR?

The distance between London, England and Paris, France is 285 miles. It may take up to $200.00 round trip to travel by car, depending on the price of gas.

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Eurostar trains run between London and Paris/Brussels. To travel from Paris to Montpellier, you need to contact SNCF (French Railways) and enquire about the TGV trains.

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