If oil is empty in your car will it steam?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It will smoke and eventually seize the pistons. Without oil between the pistons and the cylinder walls, you'll have metal-on-metal contact, and this will effectively weld the piston heads to the cylinder walls. Then you're going nowhere.

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Q: If oil is empty in your car will it steam?
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Mine is a 2000, 2.4L ! The book calls for 5 qts if you drained all the oil and replaced the oil filer. You can ask the car parts store where you get your oil and filter, look in your book that came with the car or call the Dodge Dealer.

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The answer to this depends on what kind of oil you are talking about. If you put a heavier weight oil (like 5 weight) in your car instead of say,30 weight, it will cause your car to act sluggish in the cold weather because the oil is thicker. If you put a lighter weight (30 weight ) in a vehicle that needs a heavier oil, the car will still run but not as well as using the correct type of oil. If you put transmission oil in your car's engine oil pan by mistake; you should empty out the oil pan immediately (when the oil and car are cold) and flush it or refill it with the correct oil as soon as you have realized it was the wrong oil.

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