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defective motor will not run, also cause the blower motor speed resistor to burn out and eventually blow the fuse. a motor with defective bearings will draw excessive current causing either the fuse to blow or cause the motor to overheat

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Q: If defective blower motor draws more current than a good motor because?
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Why does the alternator drop down when air is on?

The clutch on the AC compressor is an electromagnet. It draws a fair amount of current plus the blower motor and the cooling fan on the radiator.

A red resistor draws more current than a blue resistor when they are connected to the same battery which resistor has the lower resistance?

The voltage of a battery goes as the current times the resistance (V=IR). Because the voltage is being held constant, the resistor that draws the most current will have the lower resistance.

An electric iron always draws a current of 3.4 amp from the 220v supply line what current will this electric iron draws when connected to 110v supply line?


What is the probability that you get a defective part on the first draw followed by two nondefective parts on the 2nd and 3rd draws when there is a 5 percent chance of getting a defective part?


What is the fuse rating for a kettle?

A standard 3kW immersion heater will require a fuse rating of 13 A. This is because, it draws a current of 12 A.

What causes the blower on a 2001 Chevy Silverado to work on high but not on low?

the blower fan rheostat usually located in blower box is like a resistor that draws energy from the blower fan supply to slow it down and there is a high speed fan relay for the fastest speed. So your rheostat is not working

What is shunt source?

The circuit is designed so that at maximum load current the shunt regulator draws virtually no current and at minimum load current, the shunt voltage regulator passes the full current. As a result, it can be seen that shunt regulators are inefficient because maximum current is drawn from the source regardless of the load current, i.e. even when there is no load current.

What would cause a 1997 cadilliac catera blower motor to stay running with the key off and removed from ignition?

Since the blower motor draws so many amps it cannot be controlled by a simple contact. Instead it receives it's voltage from a relay that opens to brake the electrical flow and makes to turn it on. The contacts in this relay can easily handle the current. Find the relay for the motor and replace it. It has pitted and is hooked closed allowing current to flow even after the key is shut off.

A TV 220V 100W what is the current it draws?

100/220 = .45A or 450 mA

Is a crunch amp a good amp?

Crunch amps are generally considered to be budget-friendly options for car audio systems. They may not have the same level of quality or features as higher-end brands, but they can still provide decent performance for the price. It ultimately depends on your budget and specific audio needs.

What is the resistance in a discman if it is connected to an 8.6V battery and draws a current of 0.9 Amperes?

I have no idea

Why does the heater fan in your 1992 Ford truck only work on high?

by the blower motor there is a resistor connection, you will find it melted the blower motor is bad. it draws to much power causing the connection to get hot and melt and burn. you will have to change the connector and the blower motor. the blower is still working but its drawing to much power, the motor windings are shorted out inside. disconnect the connector from the resistor and you will see it.