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30 minutes

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2013-07-15 21:43:37
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Q: If a car travels 60 miles per hour how much time does it take the car to travel 30 miles?
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Which one travel fast sound or light?

Light travels MUCH MUCH faster than sound!Sound travels through air at about 770 miles per hour.Light travels at about 670,619,880 miles per hour in space. That's a LOT faster than sound!!

How does light travel witch is faster light or sound?

Light is much faster then the speed of sound. Sound travels at a speed of about 768 Miles per hour, when light travels at a speed of 186,282 miles per SECOND.

A car travels at 350 miles per hour How much time does it take the car to travel 3 hours?

Did you read your question before posting it? Apart from the fact that few cars can travel at 350 miles per hour, the question asks how much time ...[for] ... 3 hours. The answer, obviously, is 3 hours!

How much time will 57 miles take to travel?

If 114 miles/hour is an average speed of the Travel, It will take only half an hour to reach that destination.

What does the light travel faster than the sound?

light travels much faster than sound:light travels 186,000 miles/secsound travels ~1,000 feet/sec or ~0.2 miles/sec

While a bicycle travels 4 miles car travels 30 miles how much would the bicycle travel if car travels 40 miles?

If the bicycle travels 4 miles for the car's 30 miles, then if you divide both numbers by 3 you'll see that the bicycle travels 1 and 1/3rd miles for each 10 miles that the car travels. So, if the car travels a further 10 miles (and has now gone 40 miles) the bicycle will travel a further 1 and 1/3rd miles and its total travelled would be 5 and 1/3rd miles.

How much time will take for a hurricane to travel 200 miles per hour?

The answer depends on how far it needs to travel.

How much time does it take to travel 550 miles going 70 miles per hour?

7.85 hrs

How much distance will light travel in a minute?

Light travels at about 186,000 miles per second and so 186,000*60 = 11,160,000 miles in a minute

How much time will you save on a 10 mile trip if you travel at 60 miles per hour rather than at 55 miles per hour?


How many miles per hour is 1100 miles?

Miles per hour is a ration of how many miles you can travel in 1 hour. 1100 miles only has the distance component, and no time specification. You need to know how much time was spent travelling.

How much does Jupiter travel in a year?

Jupiter travels zero miles in a year. Because it is a retarted planet of the solar system

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