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Q: If a car travels 23 miles in 20 minutes what is the car's speed in miles per hour?
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If a car travels 30 miles in 1 hour and 30 minutes what is the cars speed?

.66667 miles per hour

If a car travels at 30 miles in a hour and a half what is the cars speed?

Just divide distance by time to get speed.30 miles / 1.5 hrs = 20 MPH

If a car traveled 58 and a half miles in 54 minutes what was the cars average speed in miles per hour?

Average speed is 65 mph.

If one car travels at an average speed of 48 miles per hour A slower car travels an average speed of 36 miles per hour how many more miles per hour does the faster car travel than the slower car?

The faster car travels at 48 miles per hour The slower car travels at 36 miles per hour 48mph - 36mph = 12mph Therefore, the faster car travels 12 miles per hour faster than the slower car. Note that the question refers to the relative speeds of the cars and not the relative distances.

A car travels 180 miles in 4 hours What is the cars speed in feet per minute?

1,760 ft. I can't guaruntee that's correct though...

At what speed do most amtrak sleeper cars travel across country?

Each sleeper car travels at the speed of the locomotive that propels it.

What is a cars speed if it drives 100km in 42 minutes?


What is used to measure the speed of cars?

miles per hour

Two cars leave from the same place and same time and drive in opposite car travels an average of 7mph more than the other after 2hrs the cars are 283 miles apart.find the speed of each?

too much too answer b****

What is the top speed in Honda Odyssey cars?

"According to research, the top speed in Honda Odyssey cars is 119 miles per hour."

One car travels at a rate of 60 miles per hour The other car travels at a rate of 70 miles per hour How far apart will the two cars be at the end of 4 hours?

520 miles

A car travels 66 kilometers in 3 hours what is its speed?

The cars avg speed would be 66 km/ 3 hr which is 22kmh

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