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If a car is speeding up, it's initial speed is LOWER than it's final speed.

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Q: If a car is speeding up its initial speed is than its final speed?
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If a car is speeding up its initial speed is what than its final speed?

If a car is speeding up, its initial speed is less than its final speed. As the car accelerates, its speed increases over time, so the initial speed is lower than the final speed attained during acceleration.

If the final velocity will be less than initial velocity the object is increasing speed or decreasing speed?

If the final velocity is less than the initial velocity, the object is decreasing speed. The object has slowed down or its speed has decreased compared to when it started.

A rocket ship leaves earth's atmosphere its initial velocity is less than its final velocity which is this an example of?

This is an example of acceleration. Acceleration is the rate at which an object changes its velocity, either by speeding up or slowing down. In this case, the rocket ship is speeding up as it leaves Earth's atmosphere, with its final velocity being greater than its initial velocity.

When an object's final velocity is less s acceleration?

When an object's final velocity is less than its initial velocity, it is said to be decelerating or slowing down. This can occur if the acceleration is in the direction opposite to the initial velocity, causing the object to decrease its speed over time.

Is initial speed is always zero?

No, the initial speed of an object can be any value depending on the situation. An object can have an initial speed that is greater than zero.

If final velocity is greater than initial velocity an object is?

Accelerating...or was accelerating.

What is initial velocity if its less than final velocity?

i think it's 2

Why did people say that the Concorde was faster than a speeding bullet?

Because Concorde travelled faster than the speed of sound!

Can you get a ticket for driving slower than the posted speed?

Yes, you can get a SPEEDING ticket for driving too slow !

What if the Final DO is higher than Initial DO?

If the Final DO is higher than the Initial DO, it may indicate an input error or sensor calibration issue. It may also suggest that the water has been aerated or oxygenated since the initial measurement. It is important to double-check the measurements and the calibration of the equipment to ensure accuracy.

What is its average velocity during this interval of a free falling object for 13s?

It's 63.7 meters/second faster than its initial speed, downward, and 63.7 meters/second slower than its final speed, downward. Without knowing either of those, we can't calculate the specific number.

How will the final velocity be greater then the initial velocity?

It doesn't necessarily mean that the final velocity is always greater than the initial, if the initial velocity was at rest or 0 m/s then any form of movement would be greater. In cases where the final is smaller is like running into a wall or a decrease in acceleration.