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Twice as much

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Q: If a Master Cylinder piston applies pressure to a brake piston that has twice as much square area what will be the Force from the second piston?
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What is the difference between a hydraulic clutch and a cable clutch?

Cable clutch - when you depress the clutch lever or pedal, you pull at a Cable whose other end is attached to the fork that operates the pressure plate in the clutch assembly. Hydraulic clutch - when you depress the clutch lever or pedal, you push at a piston in a Master cylinder. Pushing at the piston pressurizes the hydraulic fluid in the master cylinder, and in the hose leading to a Slave cylinder placed at the clutch. The piston in the slave cylinder extends and operates the pressure plate in the clutch assembly.

How are hydraulics used in car brakes?

As the brake pedal is pressed, an attached rod on the master cylinder applying pressure to the brake fluid in psi. This pressure is applied to the calipers/wheel cylinders clamping the brakes. In front brakes(disc/caliper) setups the pressure is multiplied. An example: Applying 100lbs of force to the master cylinder(not the pedal, since the pedal has a mechanical advantage of 5-7:1 meaning 20lbs or less on the pedal is 100 on the master cylinder). Because the master cylinder's piston has an area of 1 square inch(generalization) it would equal 100psi. 100psi of pressure on the caliper's piston which can have an area of around(say) 3inches, would exert 300psi of pressure on the pads.n disc drakes

Is piston cylinder process is constant pressure process or constan volume process?

A piston cylinder process actually includes two processes. The gas inside the piston undergoes both the constant pressure process and the contant volume process.

What is brake master cylinder repair?

Brake master cylinder repair is where someone or some body fixes the master cylinder on your brakes. It is the main line to your brake apparatus. Also the master cylinder is the container for the fluid and the piston, forming part of a device such as a hydraulic brake or clutch.

What is the piston displacement of a master cylinder with a 1.5 inch diameter bore and a piston stroke of 4 inches?

9.4247 cubic inches

Where can I find a online owners manual for free and How would you replace the piston on a 89 Oldsmobile Royal?

Which piston? what's wrong. If it's a piston in the engine, you'll need a major rebuild. If it's a master cylinder or wheel cylinder piston, just replace the cylinder, it's not worth the trouble.

If a master cylinder with a two-square-inch piston travels 1/2 inch how far would the wheel cylinder with one -square-inch piston be moved?


Why does the brake pedal go all the way to the floor without no pressure on a 1992 dodge Dakota?

chek the brake fluid level at the master cylinder, if it is empty, then you have a probable leak and \or air in lines. If it is still full, then it's probably the seals on the piston inside the master brake cylinder.

Why piston rings are too loos on piston?

gas pressure has to get round the back of the ring to force it against the cylinder wall

What does the master and slave cylinder do for the clutch?

The master clutch cylinder is attached to the clutch pedal. When one depresses the pedal hydraulic fluid is forced from the master cylinder through the hard line to the slave cylinder. The piston in the slave cylinder is driven against the clutch linkage thereby releasing the clutch.

How do you calculate which size cylinder bore is required for a hydraulic power pack?

First you need to know what force is required. The pressure the cylinder is going to work at. From this you can wok out the area of the piston and then the diameter of the piston. Force = Pressure x Area

What is the proper way to bench bleed a master cylinder for a 1995 grand prix?

Before installing the master cylinder you do need to bench bleed it. Some brake master cylinders come with a bleeding kit to make bench bleeding the master cylinder easier, purchase a bench bleeding kit if yours did not come with one. The master cylinder bench bleeding kit consists of adapter fittings that screw into the master cylinder and tubes that attach to the fittings of the master cylinder. Place the master cylinder in a vise and attach the brake master cylinder bleeding kit routing the tubes into the master cylinder reservoir. While keeping the tubes submerged in brake fluid of ther reservoir, push the master cylinder piston in repeatedly using a screwdriver. You will see air traveling through the tubes into the reservoir by keeping the tubes in the fluid you are preventing air from re-entering the master cylinder when the piston returns. When there is no more air traveling through the tubes the master cylinder is ready to be installed. has a related tech article that goes into more detail, the link is in the left column. See the Related Links for "DenLors - Master Cylinder Bench Bleeding" to the bottom for the answer.