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false. No one has a duty of loyalty to anyone.

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Q: If Rob agrees to act as an agent for Diane in selling her car Diane has a duty of loyalty to Rob true or false?
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What is sole selling agent?

The question asks 'What is sole selling agent. - it relates to one individual or group and no other. That is the sole selling agent

What does loyalty and commitment on the job means to a customer service agent working from home?

what does loyalty and commitment on the job mean

What is sell insurance products?

Actually 'selling insurance products' is a misconceived notion.Insurance products are not sold, but purchased, because it is only after much persuration that the prospect agrees to buy the policy, where the toil of the agent plays the pivotal role.

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Example case of agency by ratification?

an agent secures a contract on behalf of the principle and the principle agrees to it

What is a sellers agent in real estate and the fees for such?

The selling agent represents the buyer (he/she sells the house).The advantage in working with a selling agent is that they have buyers. One of those buyers may be interested in buying your house.

Does a listing agent have an advantage selling a property vs another agent?

Yes. As long as it sells... at any price, until the listing agreement expires (and then some) they make $. They don't even have to be the selling agent.

An agent acting as a dual is not always in breach of the duty of loyalty True or False?


What are the duties of a real estate agent?

When an agent is hired to represent his/her client an agency relationship is formed whereby the agent owes the client fiduciary duties, that include, loyalty, obedience and confidentiality.

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Difference between sole selling agent and sole buying agent?

they are 2 names for the same thing.

Can a real estate agent who is selling a property be the owner of the property?

Yes, a real estate agent who is selling a property can be the owner of the property. As long as the real estate agent has disclosed their ownership, the sale will go ahead. Many experienced agents have their own properties and have been selling them in the past. for genuine and transparent Selling and purchasing you can contact Umega Estate Agents.